Friday, 27 May 2016

Understanding Re-Targeting and When to Use It



Advertising your business online is the fastest way to get traffic to your website. When done properly, it can have an instant return on investment (ROI) and it can certainly make a difference to your bottom line and the growth of your company. Although many people will stick to the basics, such as advertising through Google Adwords, Facebook or YouTube, there are also some other strategies you should not ignore.



One of the strategies is re-targeting, and it can certainly help to boost your advertising and make more from the money that you are spending. Even though it is a technology that has many benefits, it is also something that is largely misunderstood and at times, even ignored. If you are unsure about what re-targeting is, this post will help you to get started.



Re-targeting is a cookie-based advertising option. You put a small piece of code on your website and when somebody visits your website, which shows initial interest, a cookie is dropped on their browser. From that point forward, they continue to see your advertisements, at times, even when they are not searching for what you are offering specifically. If you re-target using Google Adwords, they will see it when visiting websites using Adsense. If you also re-target using Facebook, they will continue to see your ads all over Facebook.

Many businesses are now re-targeting on several different platforms. The more often you use the technology, the more likely it is that somebody is going to take advantage of what you have to offer. In addition, re-targeting is a way of building brand awareness, which is something that has become increasingly important online. Just bare in mind that you are swimming in a pool with plenty of other fish, and it is not always necessary to be the big fish in the pond, you just need to be the one that is caught.



One of the problems that many small businesses have is customers leaving their website and never returning, what is known as bounce rate. The window of opportunity has now grown substantially through the process of re-targeting. Once a customer shows interest one time, they will continue to see your adverts and the opportunities for making a purchase or getting the lead grows substantially. This is a type of advertising that should not be ignored. By adding it to your arsenal, you are adding something that will have a positive effect on your online marketing results.



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